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Hi-Fi Speakers

Speakers are the most important component of the overall sound performance. Everyone has different listening preferences so it is important that you choose the right option that will match your taste. Our range of hi-fi speakers come in a variety of styles and types: floor standing, bookshelf, surround, in-ceiling speakers, subwoofers and many more. Choosing a pair of speakers is always based on your personal taste and preference so you can select from our superb range of hi-fi speakers, or in case you are looking for a custom solution we can discuss and advice on building your unique audio system.

Hi-Fi Separates

We stock a great range of hi-fi separates that can give the flexibility to build and upgrade your system piece by piece to the ultimate in performance. It is a sensible approach to gradually improve an audio system step by step to eventually get more satisfaction from listening to your favourite music. You can concentrate on what’s essential to you and get the best performance with the right combination of hi-fi separates. Choose from our range of amplifiers, power amps, AV receivers, surround sound processors and more.


Turntables & Accessories

If you are looking for something that can impress your eyes and ears, the classic turntable may be a perfect choice for you. There is nothing like the warm analogue sound, so we have carefully selected a range of truly beautiful turntables, no matter whether you are after an entry-level, mid-range or high-end record player. We also stock a wide range of phono cartridges, phono stages (pre-amps) and other turntable accessories. You can also contact us to get help with the set up so you can get the best possible sound from your turntable.

Home Cinema Systems

A set of home cinema speakers can be an impressive addition to your living room and an overall improvement of your film watching experience. Our solutions bring together complete home cinema systems by featuring carefully matched speaker packages and receivers. We strive to help our customers to find the best match, depending on the listening space, room size, furniture layout and room acoustics. We offer finest solutions that start from small systems and vary up to ultra-complex 13-channel home cinema systems, which can allow you to recreate the absolute cinema like experience.