How to Set Up a Turntable

Listening to music from a stereo system rather than a tiny MP3 player can be a real listening experience. Not only do you really feel the music from real speakers but you also get to share your music with others too. It was only a couple of decades ago that everyone knew how to set up their own stereo systems for work or home, but with the advent of the MP3 player and headphones, that skill has been lost through time.

When the first CD came on the market in the early 80s, they were a bit slow to catch on. People loved collecting their vinyl. We could look at the artwork on the front and back covers, and some albums even opened up to display song lyrics inside, or photos of the bands. By the 90s everyone was ditching their turntable and buying a CD player.

Surprisingly, CDs have been around all these years. Many people believed a smaller disc would replace the CD, but when Apple came out with their first iShuffle in 2005, suddenly CDs grew out of favor for electronic devices. Then smart phones suddenly had the capability to play music. You could even buy cheap little speakers to play your MP3 or smartphone music to your friends.

Around 2010 vinyl made a resurgence. DJs were never quick to discard it, and their fans soon caught on. Today, even the most popular electronics store still sells vinyl. This has made the popularity of the actual stereo system have a resurgence in popularity too.

While it may seem a bit daunting at first to be presented with several different stereo components and a variety of cables, it’s actually fairly simple to set up a turntable.

1. Unpack it from the box.