It’s no secret that audiophile headphones are only available at a premium price, but they’re certainly worth the cost. Anyone can purchase a cheap pair of earbuds, but to truly enjoy the audiophile experience, one must have a great set of headphones to listen in. The reasons for purchasing a quality pair of headphones can be numerous. But, the most expensive set may not necessarily mean the best.

Many people find that headphones can provide comfort, particularly when wearing them for extended lengths of time. Many musicians prefer a quality brand for doing their monitoring, recording, or playing the guitar. Some people use headphones for watching the latest action movie, or when playing their video games.

You may be a hardcore vinyl listener, rather than listening through your smart phone or device, though you may occasionally listen to music digitally, as that’s the most portable method of carrying music around.

Listening to music through a good set of headphones will make you truly appreciate how good music can really sound.

One problem many people have with cheap headphones is that they can grow out of them. The first time you get them out of their packaging and have a listen, it’s like wow! Then after a while, you get used to them. At this point, you may wish to take your listening to the next level and buy a premium set of headphones.

This is at the point when you may realise that you’re a true audiophile—a lover of sound. But many people may be hesitant to spend a lot of money on headphones if they’re only being used to listen to music or watch movies. Don’t let this belief hold you back.

First of all, audiophile headphones are often made from materials that do not include plastic. They can be made from wood, foam, and metal.

Even though you’re compressing sound into two tiny little speakers, you can still have great sound. You’ll want to begin by choosing fit and comfort. If your headphones are bulky or won’t stay up, find another set. They should feel comfortable and not squeeze your head. You’ll also want a nice tight seal between headphones and your ears to lock in sound.

The true high-quality audiophile headphones will have consistent quality no matter which pair you buy, with low distortion. More expensive headphones will contain a set of properly matched drivers with better and tighter quality control.

Some good headphones even contain several small drivers that fit inside the headphone. This is like having multiple speakers in the room—your listening experience is going to be better. And smaller drivers means that they are closer to your ears and it’ll be a lot like being right at the front of the stage.

The answer to the question of whether expensive headphones are worth it can be based on their capabilities. It’s not necessary to buy the most expensive, but on the other hand, you don’t want to buy cheap ones either. Consider stepping outside your budget a bit to purchase better ones that have had some focus placed on engineering and quality control.

Also consider trying your favourite brands. Remember that the audio experience will be subjective for everyone, so try a variety of different headphones to find the ones that best suit you.