Renowned British brand KEF has introduced a world-first with its revolutionary acoustic breakthrough – the Uni-Q 12th Generation with Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT). This technology is a smart way of absorbing sound waves to banish distortion and increase audio quality.

It’s new loudspeaker models, the LS50 Meta and the LS50 Wireless II are the first to feature this technology and have just been released.

These outstanding loudspeakers are updated versions of the LS50 and LS50 Wireless models respectively and feature upgrades that improve the sound and minimise distortion. In fact, KEF states that MAT can absorb 99% of unwanted sound radiating from the rear of the driver.

The introduction of MAT means you will benefit from pure, natural, three-dimensional sound with low-diffraction and discover a totally immersive audio experience.

The LS50 Meta and LS50 Wireless II are available in three finishes: Carbon Black, Titanium Grey and Mineral White plus a special edition Royal Blue (LS50 Meta) and a special edition Crimson Red (LS50 Wireless II).

We have recently added both of these stylish, high-performance loudspeaker models to our extensive collection, which is exciting news for audiophiles everywhere. The LS50 Meta and LS50 Wireless II models are in stock now from Premium Sound London store.

Danish brand Audiovector has recently launched it’s much anticipated new R6 loudspeaker series.

A renewal of the SR6 series, these three new loudspeakers are supremely impressive, high-end models, based on a mixture of technological evolution from the R11 and R8 alongside brand-new inventions. Indeed, 112 changes have been implemented since the SR6 series.

Always striving to optimise the thrill of listening, Audiovector has innovation at the heart of every product it develops and hand builds in its facility in Copenhagen, so it is no surprise that the new R6 series is a triumph.

The R6 series introduces the Arreté, Avantgarde and Signature models, all with advanced elements, improved materials and new crossovers for strong and precise sound with low distortion.

Compound Bass System

Each model has a new compound bass system with a hand built 6.5” internal woofer and an 8” external woofer for deeper, more precise and dynamic bass sound. The Arreté version is a step up with its 4.5-way system with an extra 3-inch midrange at the rear

Carbon Drive Units

Rich, high-definition, vibrant sound is possible through carbon drive units built by hand in Denmark in collaboration with Scan-Speak and their skilled craftsmen.

The R6 Signature uses an R Evotech treble with a woven silk diaphragm to provide depth and low distortion, however, the Arreté and Avantgarde are superior.

AMT Treble Drivers

The R6 Arreté and R6 Avantgarde include Air Motion Transformer (AMT) Treble Drivers. This special treble element uses a folded diaphragm and powerful neodymium magnets to reach up to more than 52.000 Hz with perfect dispersion in both the horizontal and vertical plane.

Revolutionary ‘Freedom’ Technology

Wholly exclusive to the Arreté model is Audiovector’s revolutionary grounding technology – Freedom Grounding Concept. This stops movement induced distortion between the drive units in a loudspeaker. A new separate crossover routes the signal to the ground terminal of the wall socket or grounded mains distributor to produce a clean, accurate and much more realistic sound with low noise floor.

Stylish Cabinets

While the technology is ground-breaking, the look of the R6 series is also stunning. Teardrop cabinets are engineered from high density hardwood for strength and low resonance. Each of the new R6 models are finely detailed with a solid plinth for improved air flow, a hand-finished front baffle as narrow as possible for smooth, broad, precise sound diffusion and to keep distortion to a minimum, plus a rear baffle to reduce resonance and standing waves.

The R6 loudspeaker series promises superior sound and style! Available in high gloss or matt finishes including Italian walnut veneer, lacquered African rosewood and contemporary black and white piano laquer, luxurious custom colours are also available.

The R6 Arreté, R6 Avantgarde and R6 Signature are all available now from Premium Sound.