64 Audio now available at Premium Sound

64 Audio now available at Premium Sound

Exciting news! We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we got the 64 Audio brand in our store.

Introducing 64 Audio, a prominent player in the world of in-ear monitoring. In today’s music scene, it’s a rare sight to witness musicians on stage without the discreet yet powerful in-ear monitors. Among the key players crafting these essential tools for renowned artists like Alanis Morissette, Jay-Z, Joe Walsh, and Beyonce is 64 Audio. Hailing from the state of Washington, 64 Audio offers a diverse lineup of top-tier in-ear monitors tailored to meet the needs of both professional musicians and devoted audiophiles.

64 Audio’s product range spans a spectrum of prices, from the upper hundreds to the mid-thousands of pounds. They offer a selection of universal models and custom models meticulously crafted to provide a snug, personalized fit for your ears. What sets 64 Audio apart is their unique feature, where some models can be fine-tuned by switching between three sets of “apex” tuning plugs.

Browse and shop In-ear monitors, also called earphones or in-ear headphones by 64 Audio. They are well-known among stage musicians, studio artists and audiophiles for their quality. WhatsApp, email us, or call 020 3952 0950 during store hours if you need help. Our team of experts will be glad to answer questions and help find the perfect 64 Audio In-ears for your needs and budget.

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