7 Reasons to Upgrade to Klipsch Headphones

7 Reasons to Upgrade to Klipsch Headphones

Most people carry a smart phone or tablet that contains all of their music and video. Headphones are one of the most essential tools to have with you at all times. But chances are that your headphones are worn out and falling apart. It may be time to replace those worn headphones for a new headphone upgrade.

Here are a few signs that it’s time to toss out those old ones and buy an amazing set that will bring your music to life.

1. You’re using white earbuds.

If you’re using white earbuds instead of actual headphones, it’s time to toss them out and buy quality earbuds or real headphones.

2. Your headphones distort at high volumes.

There’s no point in using headphones if they’re going to distort at low or high levels. While you shouldn’t be listening to music at such high levels that they hurt your ears, you do still want headphones that actually work at those higher levels. If your headphones sound increasingly worse the more you crank up the volume, it’s time to replace them.

3. They’re not fitting right.

Whether you have an in-ear or on-ear style, if they’re always falling out, or sliding off your head, chances are they aren’t the right size for you. Even if they sound wonderful, you’re not getting your full music listening enjoyment out of them. A closer and better fit means you’ll truly enjoy that better bass response.

4. They’re connected by a wire.

The older style of headphones have a wire that connects to your stereo, TV, or device. While this is still a cool way to listen to audio, there are wireless headphones available that can take that additional aggravation away. Now you’ll never have to untangle cords again.

5. You use your headphones when working out.

Most headphones haven’t been designed for working out. They’ll often fall out at the least opportune time. You also need a sports headphone that won’t short out from sweat.

6. They hurt your ears.

Noise cancelling headphones are guilty for this issue. If you’ve ever been on a long flight and your ears have started to hurt, you can find a more comfortable pair of earbuds or an over-the-ear set of headphones. You can still block out the noise but keep your ears from getting squished and sore.

7. Your ear buds just don’t fit right.

Everyone has different sizes of ears. The Klipsch in-ear headphones utilize a patented contour ear gel material that has been anatomically designed to fit inside our human ear canals. They feature a soft oval silicon tip that actually reduces ear fatigue, yet still manages a good noise isolation and excellent bass response.

Now that you’re ready to toss your old headphones, here are a few ideas on what to replace them with. You have your choice of Bluetooth or wired headphones, with the quality that Klipsch is famous for.



These ear buds not only look fantastic but they utilize the same advanced acoustic engineering and industrial design that the Reference home theatre speakers have. Now you have great performance, voice, and design with the Klipsch Reference R6 in-ear monitors.

Buy Klipsch R6 II



The X12i has won awards. They have a milled aluminum chassis that has a less than 6mm diameter. These wired earbuds have to be the smallest ones, and the best sounding ones in the world. They’ve been made with aluminum to be durable and extremely lightweight.

Buy Klipsch X12i



One of the first products that Paul W. Klipsch designed was the headphones. The Reference On-Ear II headphones have been designed to be comfortable but still create the perfect seal so you can have extended listening enjoyment.

Buy Klipsch Reference On-Ear II



The Klipsch AS-5i headphones are lightweight, and moisture and sweat resistant for all of your outdoor or gym activities. They have a secure design that stays put on your head. There is also a customizable flex wire so you can position and fit them exactly the way you want.

Buy Klipsch AS-5i



Klipsh has gone one step beyond the usual plastic headphones. The X12 Neckband headphones have been designed from scratch, with premium materials, real copper accents, and unsurpassed acoustic technology. Combined, you’ll have a superior listening experience. These in-ear monitors are durable, comfortable, and possess incomparable audio-grade sound.

Buy Klipsch X12 Neckband



The Klipsch R6 Neckband headphones have incorporated a high-end neckband design with wireless technology. They have a strong electroplated exoskeleton covered with genuine leather. These headphones are strong and durable, and have been handcrafted with copper accent stitching and a black chrome finish. They ensure you’re provided with a great listening experience.

Buy Klipsch R6 Neckband



These Klipsch Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones contain the balanced driver technology that is essential in decreasing distortion in over-ear headphones. They have Bluetooth high streaming audio and contain the cVc® microphone. Your premium headphones will give you a comfortable and easy-to-use way to enjoy music without that high price tag.

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