Our Brands

Premium Sound offers a wide range of products for personal and commercial purposes through a number of well-known brands of hi-fi audio manufacturers. Our present portfolio of hi-fi brands provides us with the unique opportunity of reaching different consumer groups, who we want to offer the best possible audio equipment at a selected price point. We have partnered with the manufacturers that have achieved global brand recognition in the audiophile world and occupy a unique position as premium hi-fi brands.

All Premium Sound brands encompass the unique design and marketing of a great selection of speakers, subwoofers, headphones, turntables, phono cartridges, preamps, cables, receivers, amplifiers, home audio systems and other related hi-fi accessories. We preserve each brand’s distinctive purpose and identity by targeting distinct consumer demographics and attempt to minimise competition among our selected hi-fi brands. Nevertheless, we are always in a constant search for high-potential acquisitions aiming for a long-term outlook for success and continuous growth.