Amphion is a proud Finnish company producing and supplying to the market, both professional and home audio systems. First founded in 1998, the firm is well-known for their high-quality and durable audio products which are all expertly crafted and painstakingly hand made directly at source in Finland, with their amplifiers also being hand-assembled in Finland.

Supplying satisfied users everywhere with both professional studio and home loudspeaker systems, Amphion prides themselves on the long-lasting quality of the product, supplying premium level loudspeakers to customers all across the globe. A few key things primarily characterise Their hi-fi products, these being: a pure driver integration, an unstrained low-level reproduction and on top of that, a very impressive high-resolution output.

One of the other key characteristics of Amphion’s range is their emphasis on what they describe as a ‘uniformly directive diffusion’. Their specific signature approach focuses directly on minimising the effect of any possible room reflections on the overall sound quality produced. They achieve this very effectively through the use of a low audio crossover, coupled with a specific waveguide. This low crossover point renders the crossover between woofer and tweeter virtually indistinguishable to the human ear and makes for an utterly seamless dispersion.

Always aesthetically pleasing with a timeless and classic appearance, Amphion’s exclusive range of audio products are straightforward to integrate into any kind of home or studio setup with ease, whatever the individual style or preference of the end-user.