Since 1998, Finnish company Amphion has been designing and building professional studio monitors and home loudspeakers boasting incredibly precise driver integration. Their products are therefore typified by top-of-the-range imaging and phase coherency, resulting in highly accurate and authentic sound reproduction, time after time.

All of Amphion’s products are handmade in scenic Finland and benefit from the amalgamation of the brand’s passionate expertise, meticulous craftsmanship and detailed focus, ensuring the highest quality results as well as long-lasting, durable goods that can be appreciated for decades.  Their impressive model selection includes the Ion, Helium, Argon and Krypton, with the studio line-up featuring three bass extension/subwoofer systems and five monitors.

Emphasising controlled directivity is at the heart of what the brand offers, effectively minimising the influence of room reflections upon sound quality using uniformly directive diffusion. This is achieved via the use of a specific waveguide in combination with a low audio crossover and creates a truly seamless dispersion, with the filter between woofer and tweeter rendered practically indistinguishable to the human ear.

Amphion’s studio monitors and home loudspeakers work in a phase-coherent manner and as point sources. Their timeless, premium feel with sleek, streamlined aesthetics coupled with their strictly honest and stable reproduction of sound makes them an obvious and highly desired choice for both established professionals and burgeoning audiophiles alike.