Art-Vinyl has provided an efficient way to decorate your vinyl records in a modern yet attractive way. This phenomenon works for both music and art enthusiasts. Unlike traditional fixed frames, these frames are not rigid or fixed to a single place, you can always change the front album cover using the front that hinges down the wall. Art-Vinyl was founded in 2005 in London, England, providing a new way to display your passion with respect to an artwork. It gave a new idea to those looking forward to attractive interior designs.

The exceptional Play & Display Flip frames by Art-Vinyl allow you to display your favourite art contents, albums, or 12” frames on your wall stylishly. More than that, you can simply change the display picture in seconds without having to remove the frame from the wall. Sounds fair enough? Getting the very first award of Art & design for vinyl records, they also conduct certain exhibitions to showcase the effective work and designs.