In 1978 William Low began manufacturing custom audio cables for his ‘one-man-hi-fi-shop’ in Irvine, California. Two years later, Bill decided to start a serious business and in 1980 he founded AudioQuest. Bill had almost instant success selling his AQ-404 moving coil cartridge, and the AQ analog tradition continues to this day.

Now a manufacturer of high-performance audio/visual cables, digital to analog converters, headphones, power conditioning products and audio/visual accessories. AudioQuest has offices in the Netherlands and distributes its products to more than 65 countries.

In the early days of his business, Bill allegedly discovered that the sound of an audio system was easily influenced by the quality of the cables connecting its various components. Through experimentation, he found that better interconnect, and speaker cables could make more significant audible improvements than costly upgrades to amplifiers and speakers.

One of the reasons he founded AudioQuest was to explore and develop new and innovative wire, connectors and accessories. Although AudioQuest remains best known for its analog and digital cables, the company has entered other product categories.

The company’s DragonFly USB digital to analog converter/headphone amplifier has received numerous awards, including Stereophile’s 2012 “Computer Audio Component of the Year” and the 2012 “Budget Component of the Year” amongst others.

AudioQuest finally entered the headphone market at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show with its NightHawk over-the-ear headphones. Skylar Gray designed these, and in October 2014, NightHawk was named 2015 CES Innovation Award Honoree (Headphones) and 2015 Best of Innovation Winner (Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies).

NightHawk was followed by the critically successful NightOwl headphone and a headphone stand called Perch.




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