Audiovector is a Danish company which was founded by Ole Klifoth in 1979. His primary vision was to make natural-sounding loudspeakers for all music lovers. Ole Klifoth was already employed in the Hi-Fi industry before starting Audiovector, but the reason he founded the company was to realise his dream and create the type of speaker he had always wanted. Kliforth got his wish because, in its first few years of inception, the company enjoyed success with its first speaker, “Trapez”.

With its loudspeakers handmade in Denmark, Audiovector produces some of the most beautiful sounding products. Audiovector’s focus is now firmly in the high-end luxury loudspeakers market, both active and passive. In the future, an

Audiovector speaker will be based on the company’s trusted mechanical and acoustic principles that are subject to the constant process of evolutionary improvement. For the company’s active and passive discreet speakers, the acoustical and mechanical basis is the essential part of the speaker.

The company believes that there will always be enthusiasts who will want the best sound quality possible and they are the audiophiles who will always partner Audiovector speakers with their best sources and amplifiers.
It is for this reason that Audiovector plans to continue improving its loudspeakers to achieve even more superior performance in the future. This will be made possible with the use of new and much better materials as well as innovative technologies, some of which will be created by the company’s engineering and design team, discoveries in hearing psychology and new understandings of how human beings perceive sound quality.