Auralic was founded in 2009 in China by Xuanqian Wang, professional electronics and recording engineer and an accomplished pianist and Yuan Wang, a sociology and management science graduate who owned a precision instrument manufacturing business. With a shared appreciation for music, they met the previous year at the Waldbühne Berlin Festival and quickly discovered that by combining their skills, a beautiful collaboration could transpire. That collaboration became Auralic, and the aim was to create a series of user-friendly audio products combining modern audio technologies and sublime artworks.

Right from the start, Auralic was built around the concept of making Hi-Fi accessible to all, and that’s how the brand today enjoys a worldwide reputation for analogue and digital products that are innovative but also sound as amazing as they look. The aim: always to allow the listener to discover new music and share experiences, all delivered with the highest possible quality.

Auralic’s devices deliver high-resolution music allowing the listener to experience sound in every room. Audio is controlled by an innovative mobile app which enables full remote control for ease and efficiency.

Innovative touches like this are a culmination of the progressive technologies adopted by Auralic, embracing modern digital formats and delivering the promise of revitalised analogue circuitry and hardware, all enveloped in classic designs.

Auralic now offers multiple original technical solutions in the shape of its Altair, Aries, Leo and Vega Series, all of which combine advanced digital technology for heavenly sounds.

Auralic Sirius Series