Aurender Audio

Aurender is a brand name associated with the South Korean company Widealab, which was founded in 2011 by Harry Lee. Harry, an engineer and music lover, wanted to create a music server which would meet his exceptional standards. Finding creative solutions for the needs of the modern audiophile was a welcome challenge for Harry, and along with a team of engineers, he created the Aurender S10 which quickly became a sensation and received many outstanding reviews and praise worldwide.
Following the Aurender S10, production of the Aurender W10 commenced, and it was during this time that Harry merged Widealab with TVLogic, a company that designs and manufactures high-end television monitors. Since then, dedicated to their audiophile passion, Harry and his team have grown the Aurender brand, and Aurender now produces some of the finest digital audio components in the world that can be controlled using an iPad.

Aurender Music Systems are a high quality and practical solution for storing, searching and playing large digital music collections. The Aurender team is entirely dedicated to bringing high-quality products and services to everyone, from budding music enthusiasts to audiophiles, with a firm concentration on audio performance. Through exceptional electronics and technology, Aurender products are game-changers with a quality that outshines its competitors.