The South Korean brand Aurender was established in 2011 as a separate part of Widelab, founded by HARRY LEE, an engineer and music lover. The first product was the S10 file transport/music server. Shortly thereafter, the company merged with TVLogic, a hi-tech company producing high-end TV monitors, and Lee became director of the Smart Audio Division. Recently, TVLogic was bought out and Aurender became an independent company. Its specialization is audio file transports and players.

In 2011, South Korean company Widealab introduced the first Aurender music server, S10, to the world. Widealab was founded by Harry Lee, engineer and music lover, who wanted an improved music server to meet his high standards.

With a team of seventeen talented engineers, Harry Lee’s Aurender S10 became a sensation receiving praises around the world.

It was during the production of the Aurender W10, the follow up of the S10 that Harry Lee merged Widealab with TVLogic. TVLogic designs and manufactures very high-end television monitors. Lee became the Director of the Smart Audio Division of TVLogic and he and his team have grown the Aurender line with products dedicated to their audiophile passion.

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