Campfire Audio

Meet Campfire Audio, a passionate crew of audio aficionados nestled in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Campfire Audio's mantra is simple: engineer earphones that not only sound exceptional but also forge an intimate bond between you and your music.

In 2015, armed with a fresh perspective and a fervor for superior sound, the Campfire Audio had been birthed. Despite their nascent presence in the earphone realm, their collective background in crafting audio gear, such as amps and cables, laid a solid foundation. Since then, Campfire Audio has blossomed into a revered name by steadfastly adhering to their core principle: fashioning earphones that exude sonic excellence. Continuously delving into the intricacies of acoustics, experimenting with novel materials, and honing their designs, Campfire Audio strives for nothing short of perfection.

At the crux of Campfire Audio’s ethos lies the sheer joy of listening. They firmly believe that nothing parallels the connection forged between music and soul than a meticulously crafted pair of earphones. Thus, their creations cater to individuals who harbor a deep-seated reverence for audio quality and harbor an appreciation for the minutiae of their chosen products. Whether you’re an avid audiophile or a casual melody enthusiast lost in the depths of a captivating tune, Campfire Audio offers a diverse array of earphone models tailored to suit a myriad of sonic preferences.

All Campfire Audio’s endeavors, from design conception to assembly, unfold in Portland. Each earphone undergoes a meticulous handcrafted process, infused with a labor of love that weaves through every stitch and seam. While company’s footprint has expanded over the years, they remain a tight-knit, close-knit collective. This intentional smallness allows them to stay resolutely focused on our craft, while affording us the privilege of treating every customer as an integral member of Campfire Audio’s team.

Campfire Audio



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