Clearaudio is a German company formed in 1978 by Peter Suchy. The company specialises in manufacturing high-end hi-fi and its main focus is making analog audio products such as phono preamplifiers, phono cartridges and turntables.

With over 30 years of producing high-quality analog products, the company has mastered the art of making turntables that are easy to use and have an exceptional sound and in fact, the company has received several audio and analog awards over the years for their products. Their most recent product, the ‘concept’, for instance, is hugely popular due to its nice design, good sound and solid engineering.

The success of Clearaudio can be associated with Suchy who is not a follower of trends but rather, creates and sets new standards for the company. You can see this especially when you look at the innovation and quality of each of Clearaudio’s products, from their smallest connectors to their sophisticated turntables.

The vast and ever-growing range of Clearaudio products has been strategic. In 1978, Clearaudio offered a range of products necessary for analog music reproduction, then within the same year, Clearaudio became the first company in the world to use boron cantilevers for their phono cartridges.

For Clearaudio, innovation takes the following forms: development of new processes; ongoing technological invention and the intelligent use of materials. New standards being set for each of their products is the reason behind their success.

Quality means excellence in craftsmanship, design, materials and the engineering process so to ensure the quality of Clearaudio products is not compromised, they are all hand-built in Erlangen, Germany, with almost all parts that make up any product being made in house. However, for outsourced parts, the company partners with its certified suppliers, mostly located in Germany to ensure high standards. Clearaudio has a dedicated team of designers, precision mechanics and engineers. With this team, the company can reproduce a high level of quality in all its products.