Connected Fidelity

Michael Osborn, a dedicated enthusiast of music, has an extensive career spanning over 30 years in the Hi-Fi industry. He serves as a designer, engineer, manufacturer, and lifelong music lover. In the beginning, he played a pivotal role in conceiving and launching the audio electronics ranges under the Astin Trew brand. Later in his illustrious career, he transitioned into audio product distribution, successfully introducing renowned brands like Astell&Kern and Hana cartridges to the UK market. His enduring and prosperous journey in the audio industry attests to his passion and expertise in delivering exceptional audio experiences.

Being a seasoned designer and creator, Michael consistently engages in crafting and innovating products that align with his vision of achieving exceptional home music experiences. Throughout his career, when he couldn’t find products in the market that met his high standards for achieving outstanding sound quality, he designed solutions for his personal use. Subsequently, these products gained popularity among fellow audiophiles, and he informally sold them through word of mouth.

Now, these meticulously crafted products are available to a global audience through the connected-fidelity brand. In addition to marketing his creations, Michael has collaborated with other audiophiles, assisting them in developing their products. Some of these collaborative endeavors, meeting the stringent connected-fidelity sound-quality standards, are set to be launched under the Connected Fidelity brand when they fulfill market needs.

Connected Fidelity