Established in the mid-1980s, Copland is a high-end Danish audio brand founded by Olé Möller. The company offer both solid-state and valve amplifiers, as well as two-channel amplifiers and amplifiers that are suitable for home cinema applications. The company have won several awards and commanded extensive praise from audiophiles and experts across the globe.

Coplands’ CT401 and CT501 amplifiers gained the company international recognition due to their excellent craftsmanship and impeccable sound quality. Their minimalist design and aesthetics, with their products kept free of displays and unnecessary add-ons, lend a timeless and sleek quality.

The brands’ later CTA 301/504 soft start preamplifier and power amplifier using tetrode/triode switching achieved further praise and acclaim for the brand. These units drew even the diehard transistor fans to the potential of valves.

Copland also successfully launched a DRC, or Digital Room Correction system, based on Dynaton’s DDRC module. This unit makes use of innovative time-domain technologies to create anti-reflection signals, thus effectively counteracting room resonances.

Copland champion the scientific approach to the art form that is sound reproduction, believing that the most stringent and logical approach to the principles of sound enables the purest and deepest experience of music through their selection of premium products.

The brand has effortlessly banished any myths surrounding the performance and reliability of valve amplifiers with their trademark high-quality offerings and devoted design philosophy. They have continued to expand in order to keep up with their ever-growing popularity in the premium audio market, whilst constantly imagining new ways of working.