Dan Clark Audio

Dan Clark had an appetite for audio from an early age, consequently commencing work in a high-end retail boutique as a loudspeaker design consultant during college, whilst simultaneously studying analogue power amplifiers. During this time, he developed several products, including the critically- acclaimed Platinum Audio series 2 loudspeakers.

In 2008 he joined a community of enthusiasts who made astute adaptions and improvements to a diversity of headphones, going on to found MrSpeakers in April of 2021 and bringing his own personal concepts to the mainstream market.

MrSpeakers initially worked on expert modifications for existing headphones, allowing Clark to hone his skills whilst developing the funds to launch his well-researched designs. The world’s first 3D printed headphone, the Alpha Dog aided in doing so, with the profits going towards MrSpeakers first in-house headphone, ETHER. MrSpeakers then became Dan Clark Audio in 2019, establishing itself as a true industry leader in both open and closed planar magnetic headphones.

Dan Clark Audio has secured a total of six patents for design and technology, which are integrated into their proprietary headphones. At the very core of the brand is a heavy emphasis on luxury, comfort and value, coupled with the effective balancing of sonic performance to optimum levels. Their high-quality offerings are made exclusively in the USA and have been duly awarded a broad range of industry-specific honours from an assortment of respected organisations, including The New York Times Wirecutter, hi-fi+, The Absolute Sound and HFN, to name a few.


Dan Clark Audio



United States