The word Emotiva is Italian for ‘emotion’, a name that was carefully chosen to reflect the true passion that sits at the heart of this brand’s philosophy.

It all started when Dan Laufman, an ardent audiophile who also had extensive experience in the consumer electronics manufacturing industry found that there is a gap in the high-end audio market for more affordable products that do not compromise on performance.

This led Laufman to create Emotiva Audio Corporation, a company that aims to efficiently manufacture high-end audio products, keeping the costs down and offering great value to their customers.

Another thing that sets the brand apart from the rest is their dedication to their streamlined in-house operation, from design to manufacturing process, which allows them to achieve the highest possible standard of manufacturing, whilst maintaining lower prices to their competitors.

Due to this attractive combination of selling points, the brand has amassed a large and loyal following of fans from the audiophile community.

Emotiva’s headquarters are in Nashville, Tennessee and their current line-up includes a wide range of products, such as speakers, amplifiers, home theatre setups and audio monitoring equipment, to name a few.




United States