Focal is a French brand that has been active since 1979. The company started in St. Etienne, France when Jacques Mahul created the first speakers in his father’s garage. Since then, it has grown to dominate the sound industry in France.

Although Focal is among the renowned car speaker brands in the SQ & Audiophile circles, it also offers other quality products such as headphones, studio speakers and loudspeakers for home use.

The company prides itself on having full control over the entire assembly and production process and all its tools and machines are built and designed in the same factory where the speakers are created. Moreover, all components are designed to work together to achieve the finest possible musical fidelity.

Over the years, the company has gained worldwide industry acclaim for its drivers and cabinetry, performance and quality. The drivers are used in most audiophile speakers as the main components; therefore, they are carefully engineered to make them efficient. Besides this, they use their proprietary ‘W Sandwich’ technology and materials such as Beryllium to ensure Focal speakers produce a beautiful and pure sound.

You will enjoy exceptional quality music with Focal each time you listen. Focal makes listening to music a moment of privilege by ensuring the music is respected and your emotions are roused. With Focal, traditions and innovations go hand in hand to enhance the beauty of music and the Hi-Fi sound performance. Focal speakers open a gateway to new emotions and sensations allowing you to experience pleasure in its purest form.

Focal Aria Series