Grado is a Brooklyn based company that hand makes headphones and cartridges and has been family-run since it was founded in 1953 by master watchmaker Joseph Grado. The origins of the audio company date back to when Joseph left Tiffany & Company and Sherman Fairchild to start crafting phono cartridges at his kitchen table in Brooklyn, NY.

Since then, Gardo has seen three generations; founder Joseph, his nephew John who took over the day to day running of the business in 1975 and in 2014, John’s son Jonathan became Vice President of Marketing. Sadly, Joseph Grado passed away in 2015 at the age of 90.

Grado is now a manufacturing operation that produces some of the most renowned headphones in the world and was named in the ‘Top Eight Most Social Small Companies in America’ by Mashable and American Express.

Grado is well known for its exceptional headphone and phono cartridge designs and has over 48 patents. Company founder, Joseph Grado is acknowledged as the inventor of the stereo moving coil phono cartridge while also building his cartridge line. He is accountable for more inventions in phono cartridge design than any other man in our lifetime and was inducted into the Audio Hall of Fame in 1982 at the same time the peak of cartridge production took place reaching 10,000 units a week.

Grado makes some of the best headphones and phono cartridges on the market, and they are award winners that inspire, surprise and impress music enthusiasts worldwide.

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