Hana which means ‘brilliant and gorgeous’ in Japanese, offers a range of low and high output MC cartridges. The brand has been winning awards and outstanding reviews since the Hana brand introduction to the UK in 2015.

Hana cartridges are manufactured by Excel Sound Corporation, a company based in Yokohama. They have been producing own-brand and OEM cartridges – although they do not reveal which other cartridge brands they have manufactured for – for more than 50 years. After initially manufacturing low-cost cartridges, the company now specialise in the manufacture of moving coil cartridges. Their particular expertise being in high output MC cartridges.
Hana MC cartridges come in three different styli designs. The ML and MH range are top of the line with its nude natural diamond Micro-line stylus design and many further improvements which establish it as the highest musical performer in the range.
Excel Sound Corporation ensure their cartridges are consistently perfect with tight manufacturing and quality controls in place at all stages of the process. Using high-quality materials and a long-established hand assembly method, the best quality is always assured. In fact, the company prides itself on the Hana brand which uses high rigidity aluminium cantilevers and cross-shaped armatures in their low and high output moving coil cartridges.

The Hana range has produced some of the most excellent sounding cartridges on the market while providing superb value for money. This coupled with competitive price points and the embodiment of brilliance and beauty to music lovers around the world, has allowed Hana cartridges to become the first choice for those who seek value, but also demand the most beautiful analogue reproduction.