HiFi Rose

HiFi Rose is an audio brand from Korea that are at the forefront of the cutting edge audio technology market. Constantly bringing out new and innovative products and adapting to the rapid rate of new hi-fi developments, this brand aims to provide the best overall musical experience possible.

HiFi Rose manage to consistently stay on top of the ever-evolving world of hi-fi, offering a steady stream of advanced products that focus on the lifestyles of audiophiles. The brands’ focus is delivering exceptional quality streaming audio systems through their ‘audio with screen’ offerings.

Presenting the ears and eyes with the impression of sound in this way enables the music lover to feel a deep and intense connection to the sound. The combination of music and video creates a multi-dimensional, high-definition and immersive experience.

The brands’ dedication to providing the audio products of tomorrow today means that their offerings come complete with a plethora of innovative and high-end features, whilst remaining accessible.

HiFi Rose provide their own bespoke operating system, ROSE OS, which enables users to control their devices via touch displays, an iOS/Android app, or a remote. Their RS210 E and RS150 models allow music lovers to connect to their TV and operate the screen, providing a convenient and intuitive listening experience.

Their products allow you to play and stream ultra-high-quality audio, as well as high-definition 4K video,  and perform a range of other integrated tasks, making them blend seamlessly into the modern lifestyles of their dedicated users.

HiFi Rose



South Korea