iFi Audio

iFi Audio was launched in 2012 as a sister company of the highly regarded Abbingdon Music Research (AMR) - one of the largest manufacturers of high-end audio systems in the UK.

AMR noticed a growing market trend of moving from static speaker systems to mobile (headphone) systems and created iFi to satisfy this demand. Thus, the name ‘iFi’ was formed, which is a combination of the terms ‘interactive’ and ‘fidelity’.

Today, this progressive company has an award-winning product line containing over 30 carefully designed products, which take advantage of the cutting-edge technologies, whilst constantly keeping their customers’ modern lifestyles in mind.

All of iFi’s products boast pure analogue circuitry with no DSP, meaning that the signal stays ‘Bit Perfect’ throughout.

iFi oversees the entire development and manufacture of their products from their headquarters in Southport, whilst sourcing the highest quality parts from across the globe including Japan, Germany and the USA.

The high levels of technology and material expertise trickled down from AMR, improve iFi’s products’ performance immensely by removing jitter, echo and reducing distortion.

The company is also known to be extremely environmentally conscious in their manufacturing practices, with all of their products, including packaging, being made from recyclable materials.

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iFi Audio