IsoTek is a UK-based company that creates award-winning power optimization products for audio, AV (audiovisual), and automation systems. Their specialized power line products actively filter and clean the electricity from your wall outlets before it reaches your hi-fi or audiovisual system, and their range of power cables further enhances this improvement. These solutions are suitable for various systems and offer significant performance upgrades at competitive prices. IsoTek products are used and appreciated by more than 100,000 customers in over 50 countries and have received numerous awards and recognition from specialized audio and AV publications worldwide. They are widely regarded as leaders in clean-power technology, and this reputation is reinforced by their partnerships with respected consumer electronics brands like Arcam, Denon, Genesis Advanced Technologies, Marantz, Monitor Audio, Nordost, Onkyo, Pioneer, PMC, Primare, Roksan, and TEAC Esoteric. All IsoTek products are purposefully designed, manufactured in Europe, and built to be durable.