The Loewe brothers Siegmund and David set up their iconic consumer electronics brand back in 1923. In its early years, the German-owned firm developed innovative radios and was first on the scene into the exciting world of television. In the early `30s, they worked alongside the esteemed John Logie Baird. After a number of further internal changes and progressive development over the years, Loewe settled into new ownership in 2019.

Retaining the solid basis on which they were founded, the company has stuck steadfastly to its “Made in Germany” promise, with its development, production and service departments all based in Kronach, Upper Franconia. Their luxury systems are designed to last and place significant emphasis on economic energy consumption, ideal for the contemporary conscious consumer.

Boasting premium materials and workmanship, modular technology and continual software updates, Loewe ensures that its customer base enjoys the unrivalled experience of owning truly sustainable products that have also won over 200 international design awards. Crucial to the success of the brand is its core essence of “significant simplicity,” encompassing a seamless combination of high-tech design, clean, precise shapes and effortless ease of use.

Thanks to state-of-the-art UHD screen technologies and intelligent software, today’s O-LED Loewe televisions provide an acutely natural picture impression, as well as multi-room capability and a plethora of onboard storage facilities. The range is complemented by a variety of Klang speakers and soundbars, incorporating equally impressive outputs and several smart integrations.