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Matrix Audio is a high-fidelity digital audio company established in 2013 by a trio of music-loving engineers. The three founders originally met in high school in the ancient city of Xi’an in central China, brought together by their shared passion for music and electronic technology. From the outset, the company has attached great importance to technical innovation and continuous research. The team pays great attention to the performance, function and build quality of its audio products, while also focusing on the user experience and design aspects. All of its audio products boast not only excellent sound performance, but also great design that integrates harmoniously into the home environment. Matrix Audio's first MQA product was the X-Sabre Pro DAC with full decoding capability. Since then the range of MQA-enabled products has grown each year.

Matrix Audio is a company that takes its name from the mathematical concept of “matrix”. The founders chose this name because they aim to achieve balance between portrait and landscape dimensions, just as a matrix is built from rows and columns. This idea is reflected in their approach to examining audio products, as they consider both the listening and visual aspects. As a result, all Matrix Audio products not only deliver excellent audio performance but also feature great designs that can seamlessly integrate into any home environment. Harmony is the goal of their continuous efforts, and they strive to achieve it through a thoughtful balance of form and function.

Into The Music is the slogan, which expresses the state of life with music everywhere, enjoy music, and integrate music into the life. Music is the original intention.

Matrix Audio is a company that places great importance on independent research and development, specifically in the areas of hardware, software, and apps. The brand’s core competitiveness is derived from their ability to accumulate technology in both software and hardware while prioritizing the delivery of the best possible sound quality. Matrix Audio believes that integrating smart technology and streaming capabilities is the key to the evolution and direction of their products and software. The company’s MA Remote app serves as the central interactive experience for all future Hi-Fi audio products, making high-resolution streaming more accessible and seamlessly integrated into people’s lives.

The brand and its products have gained recognition and popularity among customers in both the Chinese and overseas markets. The company has built a strong reputation and received many awards from professional institutions and media within the industry, further solidifying their position as a leading player in the audio equipment market.

Matrix Electronic Technology Co., LTD is a professional company that integrates the research, design, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of Hi-Fi digital audio products. With over 30 members, including software and hardware developers, iOS and Android app designers, the company has achieved independent intellectual property rights. The products have passed safety certifications such as CE, CCC, and dedicated audio certifications. In 2022, the company also joined the China Audio Industry Association. Matrix Audio is committed to becoming one of the best brands in the market by continually launching great products and providing better services to customers in the coming years.

Matrix Audio X-SABRE Series

Matrix Audio