Merason is under the ownership of Dafraud GmbH, a Swiss company established by Daniel Frauchiger in 2013. The brand marked its entry into the market with the introduction of the DAC1 digital-to-analog converter in 2015, a product that remains part of its current lineup. The range consists of only three products, and notably, all of them are crafted in Switzerland.

Daniel Frauchiger aligns with a group of manufacturers characterized by a steadfast commitment to proven solutions. Once they discover satisfying approaches, they adhere to them for extended durations. Intriguingly, this inclination isn’t rooted in analog technology, where changes evolve gradually, but in the realm of digital, where revolutions occur frequently.

A prime illustration of this conservative approach is the DAC1 digital-to-analog converter under scrutiny. Originating in 2011, as indicated by the inscription on the circuit board, and launched in 2015, it continues to stand as Merason’s flagship product. For a considerable period, it stood as the sole offering until the introduction of the Frérot model in 2020, colloquially known as its “younger brother.”

It’s noteworthy that the name “Defraud,” the parent company of the Merason brand, results from combining the founder’s name and surname, with an additional ‘d’ at the end. Beyond this venture, Mr. Frauchiger also presides over another enterprise, Niedal Audio Lab, established in 2017 with startup support from the Bern Economic Development Agency. This company’s mission is to manufacture devices for Defraud and develop products for other companies through the OEM system.