Monitor Audio

Monitor Audio Ltd is a British privately owned and managed global specialist in Hi-Fi loudspeaker design. The company was founded in 1972 by Mo Iqbal and started life in a factory in Teversham near Cambridge in England. In 1976, Monitor Audio brought its manufacturing process in-house and moved to a factory in the heart of Essex. Then in 2000, it moved to a larger facility in nearby Rayleigh.

In November 2016, Monitor Audio acquired British Hi-Fi manufacturer Roksan, followed, in April 2019 by the acquisition of British Hi-Fi furniture manufacturer Blok.

For more than 48 years Monitor Audio has been incorporating stereo and surround sound systems and a range of sonically matched architectural speakers for ultra-discreet high-quality sound around the home – inside and outside.

Their success is not merely a matter of excellent sound quality, although expert listeners around the world will testify to that. It’s more about how they deliver the sonic superlatives. By consistently refining and applying technologies, Monitor Audio has become the world’s foremost expert in developing metal dome drivers. Metal is not the most natural material to shape, which is why many of its competitors choose paper or plastic. But it does have amazing properties for more life-like sound reproduction when treated correctly.

In the strength and depth of Monitor Audio’s ever-evolving product portfolio, the company continues to demonstrate the power of a high quality, high-performance loudspeaker brand that serves every application, taste and budget – and every possible desire.

Monitor Audio