Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity is a British Hi-Fi producer that has gained worldwide commendation since the launch of its earliest amplifiers right up to the latest designs. Each of their devices is expertly engineered to produce an authentic and natural sound. In addition, they ensure that each model is a statement piece in any home; hence the devices come in various styles, technologies and functions.

Musical Fidelity combines the latest technical innovations with their 30+ years of experience to create powerful Hi-Fi separates that offer excellent build quality, exceptional technical performance, superb sound and guaranteed value for money.

Initially, the company was owned by Antony Michaelson who retired in 2017. He then gave ownership to Audio Tuning which is an Austrian company owned by Heinz Lichtenegger, also the owner of Pro-Ject. Nonetheless, even with the new management, Musical Fidelity still retains its British heritage.

Musical Fidelity’s products embrace both modern and traditional components. Vinyl boosting phono stages will enhance your vinyl listening experience, bit-perfect CD players, unique solutions for music streaming as well as ultra-high resolution downloads are backed by powerful, state-of-the-art amplifiers.

Their line-up of Hi-Fi separates offer numerous options for power, play and an upgraded audio experience. Some of the high-end products offered by Musical Fidelity are V series separates, the signature AMS line, the M range and their flagship TITAN.

There have been some notable products in the past, for instance, the A1 integrated amplifier, the Digilog, the X series and the Merlin. However, in 2018, the most significant products of this company were the, M8, MX, LX2, M3, V90, M5si, Nu-Vista and Encore Series.

Currently, the product range provided by Musical Fidelity includes turntables, headphone amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, streaming musical systems, DACs, CD players, phono stages, power amplifiers and integrated amplifiers.

Musical Fidelity