For over 70 years, industry leaders Nagaoka have been manufacturing precision cartridges, styli and accessories to the premium hi-fi market. Over the years, the company have developed into one of the top hard-to-cut materials specialists in the audio sphere, with their cartridges adored by innumerable analogue and turntable fans across the globe.

Nagaoka’s MP (Moving Permalloy) cartridge line and audio accessories are designed to produce the most authentic and crisp vinyl sound from the comfort of home. Their phonograph stylus is made to rigid tolerances and its shape and quality is such that it can translate the information from the grooves of vinyl and reproduce it into a sound akin to that of a concert hall.

Their high-performance cartridges consistently implement top of the range materials such as the ultra-lightweight permalloy oscillator and strong cobalt permanent magnet found in the body. From the lowest, deepest tones to the sharpest high notes, their offerings display equal reproduction across wide frequency ranges, accentuating and separating every minute detail of the sound.

To this day, all of the parts used in the manufacturing of Nagaoka’s styli and cartridges from the samarium cobalt magnets, to the diamond tips, coils and cantilevers, are still produced in-house, giving the brand total management over the quality of each individual piece. Nagaoka is the only cartridge producer that can offer this level of control over the final product.

This accuracy across Nagaoka’s evolving product line demonstrates their commitment to the continuous pursuit of flawless sound reproduction.