Naim Audio is a renowned manufacturer of Hi-Fi products since 1973. With its headquarters in Wiltshire, UK, the company has developed through the years, working in partnership with other expert companies in the field.

The founder, Julian Vereker, began Naim Audiovisual in 1969. He used to hire his sound-to-light equipment to film production companies but the standard of the professional recording equipment did not meet his expectations. With this in mind, he was inspired to design his amplifier and this led to the incorporation of his company in 1973.

Vereker’s first successful product was the NAP200 power amplifier. This was two years after launching Naim. It performed well in the market and was soon followed by the NAC12, which was a pre-amplifier with improvements on the previous version. The Naim Nait stood out as the biggest innovation of the time. This was the first integrated amplifier, which made a mark in history and led to later advancements and versions.

The advancement of equipment required extensive study and Guy Lamotte came on board as the chief designer. He led the production of the popular NA T01 FM tuner and also released a hi-cap power supply with five modifications to the company’s burgeoning pre-amplification. But it was the prototype of an electrostatic speaker that attracted the world’s media and this was released to the market in 1987.

In its lifetime, Naim Audio has attracted a vast majority of followers thanks to its combination of powerful products. The focus on build quality and frequent upgrading to improve product performance is responsible for the loyalty of the masses across the globe. Its after-sales philosophy is also a major booster of customer relations and the company’s ability to service all products ever produced in its factories makes them supremely reliable.

During its early years, it was necessary to collaborate with other companies. Linn Products was the first and preferred combination. Both companies shared the same sales strategies as well as retailers and they focused on their marketing and promotional activity to provide as much publicity as possible. Market principles and the strength of their promotions in the electronics industry proved worthy especially among the small English retailers. Eventually, the two companies parted ways but, by now, Naim had earned a firm place in the audio industry. Today, they are highly regarded industry competitors with a loyal following of customers worldwide.