About Onkyo

Onkyo is a Japanese company that manufactures consumer electronics audio equipment. With a high-quality build, performance and design, the company has earned its name as the audio industry leader & innovator. The company was started 70 years ago under the name of ‘Osaka Denki Onkyo’ and has expanded itself globally since then.

Onkyo’s current range of products include AV receivers, amplifiers and other hi-fi components. Over the past few years Onkyo have manufactured many products that provide innovative electronic solutions to its consumers and they have received many awards for their consumer-friendly electronic products. Currently the company incorporates Integra and Integra Research Division under its umbrella name of Onkyo.

The Integra line of Onkyo has gained immense popularity with the main line’s masterpieces and now holds a separate line of distribution due to its great performance, popularity and durability. It has launched many firsts in the audio and home theatre industry such as the first modular receiver, the first surround EX along with a receiver and the first certified THX 5.1 Channel Receiver.

Over the years, Onkyo has been a key contributor to the evolution of the home theatre market and will likely continue to do so into the future.

Onkyo Receivers & Separates