Onkyo's enduring legacy spans decades, evolving from a focus on music-oriented products to earning a prestigious reputation in AV receivers and home theater systems over the past ten years. Onkyo's commitment to exceptional sound remains unwavering, as they continue to pioneer home theater solutions that incorporate cutting-edge technologies like THX Certification, Dirac Live, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, delivering an unparalleled audio experience.

Takeshi Godai embarked on a mission to craft high-quality, Japanese-made loudspeakers, giving birth to Onkyo, a name that translates to “sound acoustics” in Japanese, as the vessel for his pursuit of sonic excellence.

Shortly after its inception, Onkyo introduced its inaugural product, a cartridge pickup tailored for turntables. The profits from this initial venture were reinvested into speaker research and factory infrastructure, culminating in the commencement of production at the new facility in January 1948.

Departing from convention, Onkyo innovatively developed an in-house manufacturing process for crafting its paper cones, thereby laying the foundation for the distinctive Onkyo audio signature. This marked the inception of the Onkyo sound narrative.