Ortofon started its journey when two Danish Engineers, Arnold Poulsen and Alex Peterson, found an electro Phono Film company along with several businesses men to help financially on the 9th of October 1918. The aim and vision of Ortofon was to approach the possibility of high-end recording and inviting one of the best yet first synchronized sound film systems worldwide. Boeing one of the leading manufacturer of audio products, Ortofon produces high-quality headshells, phono cartridges, step-up transformers, durable audio cables, tonearms, and other accessories needed for cartridges or tonearms installation. Most of all, Ortofon is known for developing products related to turntables and analogue sound system.

When we talk about Moving Coil (MC) and Moving Magnet (MM) cartridges, the first name that comes in the mind is Ortofon as they have a long history developing the best MM and MC cartridges from the lowest budget to high-end professional products. Because of their passion and ability to produce the best results, many turntable manufacturers’ prefers to pre-install these cartridges in their products. The significant growth and success is appreciated by the Prime Minister of Denmark, Helle Thorning Schmidt who once visited the Ortofon factory on 27th April 2015.