In the challenging world of audio, some companies put high price tags on superior performance. However, Parasound’s vision could not be more different. The company strives to provide outstanding performance without the astronomical price tag, thus allowing a diverse range of people, from musicians to music lovers and audio lovers alike to experience top-tier sound without spending a fortune.

There is no separate “pro” line or any products specially modified for the industry insiders, yet a long list of companies such as Pixar and Sony, for whom money is no object, choose Parasound. Each of Parasound’s products when manufactured, has the same chance of going to your home as it does to Lucasfilm or Capitol Records.

When Parasound was founded in 1981 by Richard Schram, he already had 15 years and a wealth of experience in the audio industry as well as engineering expertise under his belt, so he had a very definite vision for the business. This is why, to this day, the company take care of their customers in both pre and after-sales support and provide an uncompromising level of quality in their products which all must pass the most rigid of quality assurance checks.

When you choose Parasound, you’re getting uncompromised quality with every model. They all use the best parts, and each must pass the strictest quality assurance. Once a Parasound customer, the company will ensure you remain a satisfied Parasound customer.




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