Pathos is an Italian Hi-Fi company which was founded purely by coincidence in the Northern Italian city of Vicenza in 1994 by three friends: Gaetano Zanini, Gianni Borinato and Paolo Andriolo. Gianni Borinato had an original idea for an amplifier circuit and asked his two friends to help him develop a prototype.

The amplifier they developed produced such outstanding sonic performances that they initially did not believe how good it was. When they realised it had to be manufactured, Pathos was born, solely to develop this new amplification circuit which they called INPOL: Inseguitore a Pompa Lineare or Linear Pump Tracker.

As an industrial designer, Paolo created the look of the amplifier, ending up with the iconic T.T thought by many to be the most beautiful amplifier ever produced.

Meanwhile, Gaetano was in charge of production with the ‘unorthodox approach’ of following no rules and making no compromises on components and materials. Still, the single goal was to achieve the most faithful reproduction of music.

Today, Pathos amplifiers are still incredibly unique, and always follow the ‘unorthodox approach’. Yet, it’s plain to see that every product is created with passion using the finest materials and with attention to even the smallest of details, following a long tradition of Italian craftsmanship.

Pathos Acoustics believes that while sound quality and technological innovation are crucial (the company never makes products similar or equal to those that already exist), the design and high-quality finish of every product is essential too. All products go through a rigorous test-program to guarantee their quality, because in Pathos’ own words; “Unique products deserve unique treatment”.

Pathos Acoustics has enjoyed steady growth since its inception and currently has kudos worldwide as a manufacturer of high-quality amplifiers including pre-amps, power amps, headphone amps and integrated amps. With the achievement of several international awards, the brand has a winning combination of quality, innovation and style.