Since 2003 Primaluna has been creating tube amplifiers, CD players and DACs that have a unique construction which cannot be found anywhere else. The technologies used by this brand bring the listener closer to the music at an affordable price. Primaluna has pioneered several technologies that increase tube life and reliability which redefined tube amplification once and for all. When the founders of Primaluna started the company, one of their main aims was eliminating tube maintenance.

This brand offers such high-quality manufacturing standards and excellent designs by using a sophisticated Adaptive AutoBias system when running tubes at a minimum dissipation/power and by introducing higher bandwidth through superior output transformer design. In addition, Primaluna products use a gentle wake-up circuit so that when the amp is powered up, it starts up slowly and avoids putting too much stress on the valves prior to warming up.

Primaluna uses point-to-point wiring on all of its products, so that the whole signal path, including the capacitors and the resistors, is carefully hand-wired with exceptional craftsmanship by Primaluna engineers.

In most companies, ‘Auto Bias’ is referred to as ‘Cathode Bias’ which is an active circuit. The Adaptive AutoBias used in Primaluna is entirely passive. This results in low maintenance, low distortion and long tube life.

Furthermore, the smart technology used in Primaluna’s adaptive technology makes any adjustments effortless.