It was during the early 1980s that leading Danish industrial designer and passionate audiophile Bo Christensen decided to create a new kind of audio company. Frustrated by the sound quality, aesthetics, and user interface of typical audio gear, he created a team of designers, which included engineer Bent Nielsen, to form a technology group named Primare Systems AB.

Their corporate mission was to design components of exceptional sound quality but with an elegant appearance, precise proportions and a user-friendly interface. Additionally, it was decided to eschew the industry-standard twelve-month product life cycle and instead develop “living products” that could easily evolve as technologies and methodologies changed.

In Sweden, in association with Xena Audio in 1985, a combination of powerful, experienced and innovative force brought forth style, sound and sense. Alongside, Bo Christensen, Bent Neilsen was the man behind Primare’s dominant ethos, and Xena Audio’s Lars Pedersen brought the technical know-how required to bring that ethos to life. But it wasn’t until the 1990s that Primare as it is known – and loved – today started to take shape.
Few brands made their mark as clearly as Primare did in their earliest of days. Primare bridged the gap between pure high-fidelity and an accessible lifestyle and they have been leading the way ever since. The company only uses the highest grade components with precision engineering, which make their products premier! Their treasured ethos is incredibly Scandinavian – bringing quality, usability and engineering to all those who desire it. Primare’s products are uncomplicated, pure, evolutionary, beautiful, consistent and reliable.