PS audio

PS Audio is an American company started in 1973 by audio designers Paul McGowan and Stan Warren, with whose initials the company was named. Warren later left the company to form Superphon in the early 80s. The company was then purchased in 1990 by Randall Patton and Steve Jeffery and run independently. It was during this period the Ultra series of products that were based on the technology created by the Ultra Analog Corporation were released into the market. The company then bought Threshold Corporation and Ultra Analog.

In early 1997, PS Audio Inc. ceased operations due to financial problems. Still, shortly after that, Paul McGowan one of the original founders bought back the name ‘PS Audio’, and coming full circle, has been the CEO and principal designer for new products since then.

PS Audio now specialises in the manufacture of high-end audio components for audiophiles, and for the past 47 years, it has consistently released high-end audio equipment. It currently manufactures cables, digital-to-analog converters, power-related products, preamplifiers and audio amplifiers. PS Audio has also ventured into the field of music management software and audio streaming.

PS Audio manufactures its products at its Boulder Colorado facility and ships its products internationally with great success. Its products have won dozens of awards worldwide, including Editors’ Choice awards from Stereophile and The Absolute Sound magazines. Since 2017, PS Audio has had more products on Stereophile’s ‘Recommended Component’ lists than any other electronics manufacturer, which is quite an impressive achievement.

PS audio



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