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Puritan Audio Was founded in England by Mike Lester. Puritan Audio's aim is to produce the ultimate mains purifier solutions and to present these to the consumer with a level of meticulous build quality that means that an investment in a Puritan product is an investment that will be enjoyed for decades to come.

Puritan’s goal is to consistently deliver the most refined solutions for mains purification and present them to consumers with a level of precision in craftsmanship that ensures an investment in a Puritan product is one that will be cherished for decades to come.

Puritan utilizes multiple filter elements, incorporating 39 in the PSM136 model, each meticulously and precisely tuned to synergize with one another, resulting in an accumulative cleansing effect with the lowest impedance high current paths, preserving maximum surge demand and dynamic agility.

By upholding equal resistance paths to each outlet and comprehensively addressing all types of mains degradation modes, down to the provision of a precision cleansed, star reference grounding structure, all facets of Puritan design unite to empower your system to perform at its peak potential.

Mains purifiers require connections from the wall to the purifier and from the purifier to your equipment. To maintain the utmost quality of mains supply, we’ve developed our distinctive ‘Proprietary Dissipative Technology Mains Cables.’ These cables feature substantial 25-amp ratings, extremely high-purity plated copper conductors enclosed in superior dielectric silicone insulation, encased in a mechanically damping silicone sheath to provide a vibrationally quiet conduit. They further enhance these cables with a special technology.

Traditional (unshielded) mains cables allow airborne interferences to enter the conductors directly, contaminating your equipment’s power paths, disrupting signal processing and delivery. Ordinary shielded cables gather and discharge airborne interferences into your system’s earth, disrupting your processing and signal paths – a lose-lose situation. They has solved this problem by developing our unique Proprietary Dissipative Technology shielding system. With their unique dissipative shielding, the interferences assaulting the cables are absorbed into the dissipative shield, incinerated, and dissipated as heat – preventing interference from reaching the conductors or contaminating the system earth.

Other Puritan products designed to enhance audio and visual experiences by eliminating mains disturbance problems include plug-in silencers for sockets around the house, preventing the re-radiation of disturbances and reducing the overall EMI/RFI interference, as well as high-specification speaker cables equipped with our dissipative technology to safeguard against radiated disturbances that could compromise signal integrity at the final stage.

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