Founded in London by Peter J. Walker in 1936, QUAD Hi-Fi was known initially as S.P Fidelity Sound Systems with a name change later that year to Acoustical Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Later, in 1983, a further name change to QUAD was made (an acronym for “Quality Unit Amplifier Domestic”, used to describe the QUAD I amplifier) after the company became known for its QUAD range of products.
Based in London until World War II, following a bombing in 1941, the company moved to Huntingdon where all of QUAD’s products are still serviced today.

The company initially manufactured public address systems, but after the war, as a result of rising demand for domestic audio equipment, the company started to produce models for the home audio market.

Always innovating, Peter earned QUAD the Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement in 1978 with his Quad 405 amplifier which still features in QUAD products to this day.

Other prestigious awards followed, and in 1981, QUAD announced another new electrostatic speaker that became the reference standard around the world.

In 1995, QUAD was bought by Verity Group, and some changes were made including the shift in production from the UK to China. However, two years later, the company was sold again, this time to the International Audio Group, the same group that the famous Wharfedale brand belongs.

Now under the management of Bernard and Michael Chang, the company still ensures “the closest approach to the original sound” reflecting Peter Walker’s original British Hi-Fi firm born in 1936.
Today, every product in QUAD’s current portfolio has received international acclaim. It’s no wonder, as its technology has remained constant over all these years.