Quad, originally called S.P Fidelity Sound Systems, was founded in 1936 by Peter J. Walker in London. The company started off by producing public address equipment but soon branched out into manufacturing home listening equipment due to the growing demand.

Peter J. Walker is credited with a famous saying: “the perfect amplifier is a straight wire with gain”, meaning that ultimately nothing should be added or taken away from the source signal. This has formed the basis of Quad’s approach to amplifier design.

One of their first products was the Quad I amplifier, which was regarded as the most precise domestic audio amplifier of its time.

In 1953 they raised the bar once again by making the Quad II power amplifier, which utilised the principle of cathode coupling to reduce the distortion to inaudible levels.

1956 marked the release of their first loudspeaker: the ESL 57, which was a full-range electrostatic speaker. This model was so successful that it remained in production for 28 years, which is a remarkable achievement in the audio industry. Soon after its release, BBC started using Quad’s ESL speakers for monitoring the sound quality of their broadcasts.

In 1978 Quad was honoured with the Queen’s Award for Technological Achievements for their “Current Dumping” topology of amplifier design.

Quad has ventured into the production of conventional electrodynamic loudspeakers in addition to electrostatic ones after its acquisition by Verity.

So far each and every product in Quad’s lineup has been positively reviewed and to this day the brand stays true to Peter Walker’s philosophy, which is to reproduce music in the closest possible way to the original.