Created by Roy Gandy in 1973, Rega has grown from modest foundations to become one of the major respected specialists in turntable manufacturing across the world. Early achievements include award-winning turntables and tonearms, with the brand progressing surely and steadily over almost five decades to offer a comprehensive range of audio equipment and complete hi-fi systems. Their aim is simply to provide their customers with a lifetime of optimal musical performance and enjoyment at a competitive price point.

A proud, dedicated British manufacturer, Rega employs over 140 staff and their products retail in a total of 46 countries worldwide. With engineering at the core of everything they stand for, each and every product is produced using specialist materials with exacting attention to accuracy and tolerances. Every product is designed and built by hand in a 38,000 square foot custom-built facility in the South East of England, utilising a highly trained selection of skilled and passionate technicians.

The company carries a broad range of hi-fi products including, but not limited to, loudspeakers, amplifiers, cartridges, phono stages, CD players and numerous related accessories. Rega wholeheartedly believes in the quality and reliability of their product, so much so that every item purchased comes complete with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Rega Hifi Package