REL Acoustic is a major subwoofer manufacturing company in Bridgend, Wales that was founded by Richard Edmund Lord in 1990. REL subwoofers are some of the best on the market with high-end performance, versatility and an efficient customer support system. Richard Edmund Lord aimed to introduce some of the best audio equipment available and, within a few years, REL had built a strong portfolio that made them stand out over other similar products on the market.

In 2005, Donald Brody and John Hunter joined REL Acoustics. Within no time, they had implemented several new strategies and procedures to make them even more successful as a brand. They updated the traditional design and appearance, which had become slightly outdated, to make them as good as they sounded. To this day, they still make regular, important adjustments to the manufacture of their driver technology and electronics with constant updates to the styling, working performance and robust mechanical construction.

REL’s main goal is to produce the most perfect, raw, quality sound. REL has always provided its customers with the best quality, versatile and durable products with the best modern construction requirements. They manufacture every one of their products with an artist’s perspective in mind to achieve the ultimate sound experience.

With an amazing journey spanning 25 years, REL continues to produce excellent audio products that give the best sound experience possible. Their team is the driving force behind creating world-class subwoofers providing quality, performance and efficiency.

REL Classic Series