Revel Speakers

At Revel, science is the name of the game. Revel Speakers is an American manufacturer of high-end luxury audio loudspeakers based in Stamford, Connecticut, USA. The company was founded in 1996. It is currently owned by Harman International Industries which is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics.

Revel speakers was created to compliment the powerful Mark Levinson audio brand. With a parent company that also owns Infinity and JBL, the design capabilities of Revel exceed that of its many rival loudspeaker manufacturers.

Led by engineers and designers like Kevin Voecks and Floyd Toole, the company’s first speaker, the Gem, was a bold design. The firm quickly seized the market share in the 1990s with its Ultima series, particularly the flagship Studio and Salon speakers which were bigger than that of its competitors.

Today, Revel Speakers are manufacturing more affordable audiophile speakers like Performa and Concerta lines. Besides these, they have in-wall speakers, subwoofers, and numerous other offerings which makes them one of the best brands when it comes to high-end audio-video speakers. Each Revel speaker is carefully created and developed for thousands of hours before it is finally released to the market.

Since 1996, Revel has relied on its technical resources, state-of-the-art testing facilities, and cutting-edge tools, unavailable to the majority of its competitors, to create every loudspeaker they release to the market. This is why Revel is the market leader when it comes to setting the standard for acoustical accuracy, and this allows its customers to experience a level of acoustic clarity that they cannot get anywhere else.

Revel Concerta2 Range