Revival Audio

Revival Audio is a French-based manufacturer created by Daniel Emonts and Jacky Lee with their loudspeakers being designed in collaboration with Paris-based A+A Cooren Design Studio.

The company was founded in 2021 by Daniel Emonts, a master engineer with over 30 years of experience in the industry, and Jacky Lee, a multi-talented strategist executive who has worked with top-tier brands like IBM and L’Oréal.

Revival Audio’s goal is to perfect the true listening experience by offering products that are the result of decades of craftsmanship and expertise. They use only tier-1 technologies and products to deliver next-level sound quality, without compromising on design or inflating the cost of the product.

All of Revival Audio’s products are designed in-house, with every detail carefully considered to ensure an extraordinary sound experience. They work closely with the A+A Cooren Design Studio, a French design studio based in Paris, to create products that are not only exceptional in sound quality but also in design.

Revival Audio is committed to building a community of customers who share their passion for high-end audio products. They offer exclusive benefits to their customers, including a 10-year warranty and access to the best in Hi-End community.

Revival Audio is a new legacy in the making, and their products are a true work of art that embodies their passion and expertise.

Revival Audio