Roksan is a British manufacturing company that produces high-fidelity audio products for domestic use. The company is based in Rayleigh, Essex and is mostly known for its innovative and influential design in Hi-Fi equipment. Additionally, Roksan is renowned for designing, assembling and engineering some of the best CD players, turntables and amplifiers on the market today. The name Roksan is derived from the name Roxana; daughter of the Persian King Darius and the name reflects the Persian heritage of the company’s founders.

Roksan was formed in 1985 by Touraj Moghaddam and Tufan Hashemi who each had backgrounds in business, finance and engineering. The two combined superb energy, passion and ideas which gave them extraordinary success and recognition in the audio world. Their consistency has made them one of the most admired and respected Hi-Fi manufacturers out there. Over the years, the brand has built award-winning products with the Caspian M2 series and K3 series being some of the most highly regarded ranges in their catalogue today. Additionally, they manufactured the Xerxes turntable which was an iconic release and, later, a range of premium turntable models followed the Xerxes design.

Although Roksan builds its equipment with simple designs, the products are highly effective and produce the best possible sound. Roksan still designs its products at its company’s headquarters which is based in North London. This ensures that they produce quality products that are backed by comprehensive research and a development process that would be impossible if the equipment were manufactured overseas.