In co-founder and managing director Alan O’Rourke’s own words; We are a family-owned British company, passionate about sound and design. Our aim is to make beautiful music systems that look and sound fabulous. Products that will enhance your home and life.”

Founded in 1985 in Rayleigh, Essex by brothers Brian and Alan O’Rourke, Ruark was built with a small amount of savings and many hours of hard work until in 1986 they were able to launch their first loudspeaker systems, ‘Sabre’ and ‘Broadsword’.

These, the brothers very first products, received critical acclaim by the Hi-Fi press. Boosted by this, they went on to produce their flagship floorstanding model ‘Accolade’ which put Ruark on the map as a high-end loudspeaker manufacturer.

The rest, they say, is history! Since 1986, Ruark has manufactured an impressive range of loudspeakers including some of the most acclaimed and desirable systems available.

These include the Ruark Talisman I with its unique sloped baffle design, the Ruark Crusader I with its realism of sound, the Ruark Icon and Sceptre which replaced the Sabre and Swordsman models and the mighty Excalibur.

Ventures into the world of home theatre and DAB radio followed, with awards and accolades regularly pouring in from What Hi-Fi and outstanding reviews from the Sunday Telegraph and in 2006, Ruark Audio was born.

Ruark consistently wins industry awards year after year for its outstanding products. In 2016, its 30th anniversary year, the company was awarded ‘Home Audio Product of the Year’ for the Ruark R7 Mk2 – an all in one audio solution with broad appeal.

Today, the entire Ruark story is still one of passion which can be felt and heard in every Ruark product. Its constant focus on design and audio quality has ensured its continued success in the luxury audio industry.

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