Sennheiser is a third-generation, family-run German audio electronics company, first founded just after the second world war in 1945 by Prof. Dr Fritz Sennheiser and now run by co-CEOs Daniel Sennheiser and Dr Andreas Sennheiser.

The company are perhaps currently best known for their infamous range of consumer headphone and microphone equipment, such as the MKH 416 short shotgun microphone – now Hollywood’s standard shotgun microphone.

However, the firm also supplies and produces an enormously vast range of top-quality hi-fi products on top of this including various micro-hi-fi systems, multimedia and gaming headsets, avionics headsets, conferencing systems, speakers, amplifiers and many, many more. The brand also claims to be the first-ever company out there to successfully create an open-backed pair of headphones for the discerning home listener.

Sennheiser prides themselves on being a customer focussed company, as well as on their incredibly high-quality audio products across the board. Whilst they have been in business for over 65 years, they continue to thoroughly research and produce some of the most innovative and exciting new audio releases on the market today.

They are renowned all over the world for their diverse range of products for anyone from the overly judicious audiophile to the everyday casual listener, boasting a broad diversity of price points.

Sennheiser’s products are unfussy in their appearance although remarkably well-built, but whilst unassuming, their headphones, microphones and speakers pack an unrivalled, crisp and altogether mighty punch.