Sennheiser arrived to life only a couple of weeks after the World War II finished. Imagine where? Germany. Yes it’s true. There is one thing to be mentioned about how Germans appear to continually hit the nail right on the head on the subject of audio. Sennheiser was the 1st to bring in open back headphones in the late 60s. The finest headphones proven in world – the Sennheiser Orpheus headphones were introduced in 1991, and was integrated with a tube amplifier for sound quality and added volume.

Sennheiser does not need to declare its foothold in the world of personal audio. This German audio giant provides awesome entry level, low-cost in-ear headphones, studio monitoring headphones, wireless headphones for TV & home theatre systems, professional DJ headphones as well as audiophile quality open-back over-ear headphones. Obviously, what’s actually exclusive about Sennheiser is that the company does not specialise in any one kind of headphone. Sennheiser remains to be household name, well-known to anybody with even a casual interest in music.