SPL, or Sound Performance Lab was founded in Germany in 1983. The company’s chief developer and managing director Wolfgang Neumann operated a recording studio in the Netherlands. With studio equipment prices high, he turned to building his own devices. Of course, having an established background and education as a television and radio technician and a wholesale and retail merchant helped him along his path. Starting from the humble beginnings of his garage, Neumann methodically grew the business into what it is today.

The growing firm started producing audio equipment for film, music, broadcasting, hi-fi and multimedia purposes. As time went on, their experimental and innovative approach to engineering led them to specialise in designing and manufacturing class-leading headphone amplifiers, mastering centrepieces and premium power amps to name a few. Many of their offerings utilise VU meters, adding to their distinctive
and much-admired stylish industrial appearance.

SPL’s production line is highly streamlined, commencing with developers creating a computer-generated board layout which is then built into a prototype. Subsequently, a developer will directly visit the batch production staff in Middlekamp, explaining in detail its assembly to ensure the highest levels of consistency and accuracy. SPL are proud to still provide support for all of the devices they offer.