Founded in 1938 in Japan, Stax Audio developed and released their very first electrostatic headphone, the SR1, in 1960. They were the first company to introduce the term “Earspeaker”.

Stax call their headphones “Earspeakers” as they offer ultra high fidelity audio reproduction and can in that way be compared to some of the best electrostatic loudspeakers on the market today. This term defines the brand’s offering perfectly, emphasising their incredible capabilities at some of the highest levels of sonic transduction.

Currently, the brand offers a carefully curated selection of electrostatic amplifiers, earspeakers and related accessories at various price points, with their ever-popular flagship model SR-009 earspeakers being the bestseller.

Today, the company continues their ongoing tradition of offering some of the finest headphones for both audiophiles and professionals. Their range starts from accessible entry-level packages and goes all the way up to the high-end reference systems, meaning that they can truly offer something for any budget and preference.

Over five decades of experience in the audio industry lead the company to produce several award-winning designs and made Stax front-runners in the electrostatic headphone and high-performance headphone markets.

This experience has also allowed them to refine their designs over and over again in order to create the best possible products to please the exacting and ever-changing needs of their loyal customers and fans.